January 24, 2008

What Would Mrs. Wilson Do?

Sometimes the right thing is so hard to do. At work, we have picked up a saying, If Jesus was standing right next to you, what would you do?

It keeps us a little more honest, a little kinder and hell, we work with attorneys, we need all the salvation we can get.

I changed my course of action yesterday based on this. It was slightly painful, but the truth will set you free, I hear.

Substitute Jesus for whichever deity you would like, substitute it for your mom, your dog, your 1st grade teacher. Whatever it takes for you to stop doing a slightly dishonorable or outright unbelievably horrible thing, and make you take the high road, because after all, karma is a bitch.

Don’t think that wrong action won’t come back and bite you. It will, in some way, someday.

Later in the day, a co-worker commented that he had been considering my past few months and was struck by what had been going on in my life – because in order to handle it, I had to be quite a resilient person, as well as a flexible one.

I was surprised by the comment, again, I work with attorneys and said sayer is an attorney, so I was quite appreciative that he noticed I had a life and actual things happening in it.

I think that most of the time, we don’t notice our own accomplishments. And moreover, I don’t know that we should take credit for keeping on, keeping on.

And perhaps that is my dilemma, should I really need to have a golden light watching over my shoulder keeping me straight. Shouldn’t I just do right? Should I really get a pat on the back for going to work, paying my bills, and being nice to people?

Shouldn’t I just do these things and go home and cook dinner, take out the trash and keep at it.

Do we really need these reminders to do well and to stay sane?

Obviously yes, because I feel better for doing the right thing at work. And I felt great that someone recognized that I am not a quivering mess.

So recognize someone in your life that is doing what they should with a situation. They could have screwed over someone, but they took the high road. They chose to do right, no matter what. They could have let life bowl them over until they were drooling into their oatmeal, but they just kept plowing ahead.

Recognize those small things in yourself.


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