January 23, 2008

2008 Reading List - 2 Down, 96 To Go

I cheated kinda sorta not really for the second completed book on My 2008 Reading List. Although if I created the game, can I really cheat? I didn't think so. In my book, I am still A-1-A legit.

The library that is closest to my house is a small little thing. I have ordered several of the books on my 2008 Reading List, but when I first visited, the selection was a bit lacking. I found the sequel to #33. And since this is my game, I am calling it 100% acceptable.

I deserve a personal size pan pizza.

Did ya'll participate in Book-It growing up? I remember just living for this program. Perhaps it was growing up in a poorer household where we didn't get to eat out very often, or maybe I was just a bratty little frugalite even at the tender age of 8. Whatever it was, I read voraciously as a child for a free pizza. And now... as an adult, I am a voracious lactose-intolerant frugalite book reader. Life is ironic. Damn you, Alanis.

#33 in my revised world is "What Einstein Told His Cook 2" by Robert L. Wolke.

I attempt to be a chef extraordinaire. If, just perhaps Not Craig is around, he could testify to my mad skillz in the kitchen. I do what I can, raised primarily on Hamburger Helper and fried chicken.

This book is a collection of Q&A on all things kitchen/food related, answered by Mr. Wolke, a chemist. Very interesting stuff in here.

Although this is a library book, mine has a lot of dog-eared pages. This may have been caused by a certain redhead, but the library can't prove a thing. (Library - if you are in my blog reading my thoughts, leave now please.)

I took this book on my recent trip to the State Adjacent. I could write a whole post on my hatred for public transportation and my newly found hatred for my possibly defective Ipod. However, the flight sans music was reasonably tolerable solely because of this book.

Short explanations of interesting cooking related concepts containing humor made an irritating flight much more tolerable. Excellent recipes, that I can't wait to photocopy, made for a dog-eared copy.

I highly recommend this book or the previous edition for anyone traveling, or that cooks, or eats, or deals with irritating people when they just wish the irritating peeps would shush.

Or those that wish they could pull a Dog Whisperer on humans and "Tsscchhh" those people that travel on Southwest that don't shut up.

Tsscchh!!! (Go read this book.)


Kaytabug said...

LMAO, you really crack me up!What a funny great post.

sophie said...

I remember going to the bookstore and checking out around a dozen books a week. It was the highlight for us as well. Mrs. Johnson was the children's librarian. I can't believe I remember her name.

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