January 10, 2008

Merry Christmas!

I alluded to my awesomest Christmas gift ever in an earlier post. My boyfriend gave me, not a Dyson, but an espresso machine!

I heart coffee. A lot. I am Ms. Grumbly Pants without it. I love the smell of it brewing. I enjoy sitting, drinking coffee and reading a book. I also despise Starbucks. Much like my hatred for Wal-Mart and other corporate giants, because I picture our future landscape being a Walmart, next to a Starbucks, next to a McDonald's with Exxon on the corner. Rinse, repeat, over and over. All small business owners being inched out due to these evil entities. But I digress.

So, I am the proud owner of an espresso machine. And I can make it work! To some, that may seem like such a silly statement, but if you know and love me, then you may understand it a bit better. I can be all thumbs with many things. While I pride myself on being able to figure things out, I also get all stubborn and pissed off and turn my back and write out of the will things that make me stumble a bit. Like my new wireless router. I scorn thee.

There are a good number of espresso machine, coffee makers, pod stabbing and dispensing machineries available. Krups alone has 2,571 types of them. My head spun around when we were out shopping. There are lots of ways to make caffeinated beverages apparently.

I decided on the base model. I don't need to go back to college to figure out how to work a damn coffee maker.

Presenting my new BFF:

This stuff is pretty damn simple. Put some ground coffee or espresso in the little silver thing. Add water to the top, screw the lid on tight. Turn knob to espresso. And wait. Get your milk in a cute metal cup that must be purchased separately. Once you see some espresso coming out... turn the other knob, on the left side of the machine from the picture of a cup to a picture of Old Faithful.

And "froth" the milk. Don't use much milk. It froths a lot. I mean it. Trust me.

Once the milk is hot, turn that knob on the left back to the picture of the cup.
Espresso will pour out and in 30 seconds or less, you are done.

Put the milk on top of the espresso and voila!

My biggest complaint about the new light of my life? It doesn't have automatic shut off. I keep forgetting to turn it off. Whoopie. This thing rocks.

You can steam/froth/heat milk without making espresso as well. What I do is make extra espresso each time. Then just heat up more milk and add it in.

It cleans up pretty easily. I haven't figured out if the metal thing on the side that heats the milk comes off. That is the most difficult thing to clean. Meaning it takes an extra 42 seconds. Whoopie.

Go forth and buy one. Or get someone else to do it for you.

And pick up a Roomba for me while you are out.

Thanks a bunch. You are a dear.


Jagular said...

I totally thought it was a Dyson. Now you tell that boyfriend of yours to take that coffee maker back and go get you a Dyson.

Southern Doll said...

Ah! I totally need a big girl coffee maker. I still have this tiny one that only makes 4 cups of coffee at a time, and let me tell you, that doesn't last long in my household. It's actually enough for either me or my roommie to have a cup, and then the other can have half a cup. Not good.

Kaytabug said...

LMAO I should have known it would be a gift that had something to do with coffee, not cleaning!!

sophie said...

I love my Dyson--good thing since I don't drink espresso.

Looks like fun, maybe I should start?

Wide Lawns said...

Ooh! I have an espresso machine too and I have passionate feelings about it. I like Lavazza coffee beans the best. I think that's what they're called and also Starbucks Christmas Blend which is one sale everywhere now. Yum. I'm going to make a latte right now.

Wide Lawns said...

PS. I love the kitty pictures below. Black kitties with white spots are my favorite and Canela is a tabby like yours too.

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