December 28, 2007

My Christmas Recap (Because I Felt Left Out)

Post Christmas Wrap Up's seem to be all around the blog world. Mine.... I have again traveled across the state of Texas for the 12th time this month. Stayed in hotels. Decided to seek out a local Hotels Anonymous club. Ate the equivalent of my own body weight daily.

I got exactly what I wanted. In fact, I received the exact model and accessories I desired. My man rocks. He is the smartest man alive. He takes me shopping for my gift.

My muscles are sore. My brain muscles are even worse off. Once children get to be about 3, they require real brain work. Trying to distract them, trying to get them to quit bawling because I looked at them wrong. Trying to block out their screams at 4 A.M. They are so damned adorable and sweet and loving, but so volatile. A screaming, puking, cussing, hitting explosion, waiting to happen because the wind changed directions without clearing it through the kid. Thinking on the fly is damn hard when a 3 year old twists everything you say, has kept you awake for nights on end and on top of that, you are in a turkey coma.

I am still on vacay. My cats have probably torn the door from its hinges and are catting around the neighborhood. My apartment has probably been leased out to some new fool. But my job hasn't replaced me. They keep calling, so I must be wanted back.

I hope everyone got exactly what they wanted. So tell me, what was your favorite gift? Material or intangible.


sophie said...

When you know your man needs close supervision--it is wise to provide it!
As for those new elves Pissy, Stressy and Bitchy, I'm gonna work pretty hard to keep them out of the house next year. I have yet to find any redeeming qualities such as making pies, cleaning up after the mongrel horde, or even taking out the trash.

Next year I'll put in an early request for a much higher quality elf!

Just curious....what part of Houston are you calling home? Would you consider meeting for lunch or something? And, how did I not know you were a redhead. Poor attention to detail on my part.

Kaytabug said...

That's great you got a taste of what it's like to be a parent! Priceless. Are you trying to say Not Craig bought you a dyson? Nope I don't want to know cuz then I'll start calling you a stuck up bitch.

I am unable to narrow it down...everything my Mom gives me are always favorites. A bunch of M.E. stuff this year, my 2 me calendars and a wall hanging among other me stuff, she also gave me the book I posted about...

Robocop said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Sauntering Soul said...

Hope you're getting a little rest! We didn't do adult gifts this year, but my mom still got me a nice candle and some pj's.

Kaytabug said...

Hey Sweetie! I am out in the country celebrating New Years Eve at my friends. I am on the hubs Mac and I wanted to wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I LOVE YOU! XOXOXOXOX

Fianna said...

Sophie: I sent you an email on this a couple days ago. I would like that! Let me know if the email was junked!

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