October 19, 2008

My Finds

I have posted before (and again and again and again ) how I love estate sales and thrift stores. This weekend was a good one... I took my chances at an estate sale advertised as having great stuff, despite being in a bad part of town. "You can find awesome knick-knacks while dodging bullets." Great marketing, folks.

If I was still Ebaying, oh how I would have spent so much money. As it was, I had to limit what I bought as I have a quasi-policy of buying only items I need or have an idea of exactly what I will do with my purchase.

So what will $15 buy you at an estate sale in Houston?

Books! An illustrated Bible story book published in 1939.

1960 printing - Why It's A Holiday

Oh look... a fitting holiday... Do I get that day off?

Do you remember when I said a few sentences ago where I buy only things that I have an actual purpose for? Forget that. This thing has no purpose other than to make me smile at its freaking adorableness. I love this! And I have no good reason to have it. It doesn't match anything at all in my house. So yea, this was something I just had to have.

And Kitten had to get in the picture. She is something that I did not have to have. She is completely Not Craig's fault.

I do have a problem with collecting coats, purses and small bowls that hold sauces. Granted, I use a lot of honey mustard, barbecue sauce and other dippables, but it doesn't really make any sense to have as many small bowls as I have. Nor does it make any sense why, when I live in a subtropical climate, that I own 14 coats.

Astroworld closed sometime ago. Any time that I spy any Astroworld stuff I get it. I will most likely sell them.

I love this shallow metal pan. I have no idea what to do with this either, but really, how could I not bring it home. I will probably either hang it somewhere or will use it is a catchall by the door.
My habit of collecting purses continues. Does anyone have a closet I can borrow? I am just not a shoe girl. Instead, I collect coats and purses.

(There is one other book I bought, but I am not showing you. If I ever get around to mailing things - ahem - Jamaica prizes - ahem - Kaytabug will have a present. So look for it sometime in 2011.)


sophie said...

I love old books like the "Why It's a Holiday." Etiquette books and cookbooks are my favorites. And, I think everyone needs a lemon-fresh-oil-and-vinegar-salt-pepper thingie, don't they?

Sauntering Soul said...

That metal pan is awesome! It reminds me a little bit of a painting I did last week.

Kaytabug said...

oooohhhhh cool finds!!!I think my mom has a set like those bowls, plates cups...
Is mine the blue book under the 2 you did show? oh the suspense!!! 2011 sounds like a good year.
I have stuff I never sent out either, from the guess which one is me thing I did back in July. I suck!

Southern Doll said...

This is cute stuff! And I love stuff. So.....where does one find out about estate sales?

Fianna said...

Southern Doll: I find estate sales on my local newspapers website and this website - http://gsalr.com.

Anonymous said...

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