February 9, 2008

Provide (nce)

I have noted before how I am living a bit sparsely at this time. I also have mentioned before how I love estate sales, garage sales and thrift stores. I am Queen Frugalite Fianna. Where is my crown?

I have come across some rather fortuitous purchases recently. Things to make my life a bit easier without spending much money. One day, hopefully very soon, I will have a full house - man, cats and furniture. Until then, I am making do.

A few weeks ago, I visited the thrift store in my neighborhood. When I first walked in, I spied a chair that would be perfect for me, living alone for now, with cats. A chair that I could sit in, watch TV, read a book and that would transition perfectly to my foyer, where once I have a couch, I can lounge and read a good book:

Cost? $8.00. See the dejected camping chairs, yoga mat and wedge. I am living the high life, baby.

I didn't participate in the recent Bedside Fun Monday because it made me too depressed. I was severely lacking in the bedside table realm. Today, I went garage sale-ing and found a perfect bedside table.

It cost $5.00. While there are few scratches, it was a great deal and just the right thing at the right price. I got home, cleaned it up. I pulled out the drawer in order to clean it and found some papers in it.

See that $5.00 bill?

Overall price: $0.00.


sophie said...

You rock! That is simply awesome! Is your sweetie feeling better?

Robocop said...

Scrounging is a time honored way to provide. Good job.

Fianna said...

Sophie: Thanks for asking! He is over the flu. Thanks to a last minute shot, I was lucky enough to avoid catching it!

Robocop: Thanks. I am such a scrounger.

There are a lot of thanks in this comment.

Southern Doll said...

Man, you're like a professional bargain shopper. I could use some tips!!

Sauntering Soul said...

That's awesome Fianna!

I think we have the same exact lamp on our bedside tables. Ikea? I had only bought bedside tables 2 weeks prior to that Fun Monday challenge. I was almost unable to participate.

I love your new chair. Too cute!

Kaytabug said...

That new chair is awesome!! What a wonderful surprise to find $$$ inside your new furniture, and that it paid for itself!! LOL!!!Outstanding!

simplypink said...

Hooray for finding $5 in an $8 bedside table!!! I found a dollar bill in a 25 cent garage sale book (Little Women) once. I still have it. You got a better bargain. :) Grease it up with some Orange Glo, it will make the scratches go buh-bye.

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