June 29, 2008

I Got My Hair Did!

It started as simply as not feeling comfortable in Oil Field, New Mexico. I didn’t trust my locks to someone whose sister couldn’t serve me a cheeseburger without making me want to cry.

Before last week, the last time I got my hair cut was before moving to BFE, NM, 19 months ago.

Somewhere along the way, I got an idea in my head.

There are 2 organizations (that I am aware of) where I could donate my hair. Locks of Love, the well-known organization that creates wigs for needy children that have suffered hair loss due to a medical condition and Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths program which has partnered up with the American Cancer Society to provide wigs to women with cancer.

The big difference between the two organizations is the length requirements for donated hair. Locks of Love requires 10 inches while Pantene’s requirements are 8 inches.

I am donating my 11” ponytail to Locks of Love.

It may have started with a bit of anger and hatred towards the circumstances of my living situation, but has turned into a wonderful gift to a (presumably) cute little kid.

Now if I could just get used to that stranger in the mirror.


Kaytabug said...

Awww! High 5 to you my dear!
Isn't this the first time you have showed yourself off?!!
I think I have showed you off more on my blog than you have on your own!! ;) Only with permission of course!

Such pretty hair!!

simplypink said...

Wow, you have awesome hair whatever the length may be. What a giving thing for you to do as well! You are right, there is a little one that will surely benefit from your gift. You are going to literally feel light-headed for awhile. :)

Sauntering Soul said...

Way to go Fianna! I cut off 16 inches of my hair back in October 2006 and donated it to Locks of Love. I think the donation made it a little less traumatic. It sure made washing and drying my hair a lot easier! But it was shocking looking in the mirror for the first week or so. I'm so proud of you for doing this! And your hair is gorgeous - long and short.

sophie said...

Oh my! What a huge change! Good for you.

My hair would never grow that long if I didn't cut it for 3 years.

Karmyn R said...

Awesome! Good for you.

When I had long hair 12 years ago Locks of Love didn't really exist. I wish I could have donated that hair.

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