July 1, 2008

Go Go Gadget!

When I went to my sister’s for a family get-together this past week, I really didn’t mean to spend a fortune on gadgets.

Ok, that is a lie.

I totally planned on buying a Wii as they are known to be quite populous in that area. And where my parents live. Yet Houston, nowhere. Houston, we have a problem. Well, not anymore because I have a Wii now, but we did. I guess…

I did not plan nor expect nor even ponder buying a robot floor cleaning wizard. It was a decision thrust upon me by my pushy big sister.

That’s my story.

And the store was going out of business so it was a steal.

And I have always really wanted one.

And with the recent death and resulting thoughts surrounding wasted time and pointless arguments that I would always regret, over all things, housework… I needed a Roomba.

That may be the real story, although my sister? Really good for the economy. Dubya may want to give her a call.

The Roomba? I lurve it. With all my heart.

It works wonderfully, sucking up all the stray cat fur, litter and various crumbs that 3 cats and 2 humans shed.

It has caused me way too much happiness for being just a simple cleaning tool.

My love for the Roomba Vs. the Wii?

A close race.


Kaytabug said...

That lil robot sounds rather nice. So does this thing take place of that desire for a Dyson?

Maybe next year tax return time the robots will have gone down in price and I can get one. For now I love my Wii Fit, it really rocks my fat ass!

Sauntering Soul said...

I've always wanted a Roomba. Now I want one even more.

Luckily I haven't had the urge to get a Wii. Maybe I can afford the Roomba instead. How dorky am I? I'd rather have a Roomba than a Wii.

sophie said...

I do not want a Wii either. I covet Roomba, but I'm afraid the cats and dog would freak out. How are your kitties with it?

Fianna said...

K: As I have hard woods only, right now, Roomba wins out over the need for a Dyson. Come December...you will again see Dyson discussions.

It is kinda crazy but these things have not gone down in price. My sis paid the same amount I would have at full price over 2 years ago. They are that good. Buy the base model, MSRP $199, use a 20% coupon at Bed, Bath & Beyond. The higher models have nice features, but not necessary to have a talking robot as well.

Sophie: The cats are very trepidatious (Not sure if that is a word, but I really wanted to use it to show my brains today) of the Roomba. They glare at it and run out of its way, but they will still sit in the same room with it. Kinda like if I brought another cat in the household. Which I am totally NOT DOING!

Kaytabug said...

It's JULY! You don't spring my curiosity over something in DECEMBER!
oh wait you are just referring to Christmas aren't you?!

simplypink said...

I've wanted a Roomba since they came out. The idea of the floors being cleaned on their own is awesome. Except now we have wood floors and no carpet. Can they be used on bare floors? Enjoy yours!

Fianna said...

Pink: I too have just hardwoods, my sis has stained concrete. The Roomba works beautifully. There is also a tool called the Scooba which washes the hardwoods, but you have to have them clean first or you will kill the motor, (not looking at sis right now), so you need both the Roomba and a Scooba in that case. And a Wii for good measure.

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