March 23, 2008

A Preview

I drafted a post today and have decided to hold onto it for now. This is rare for me. Typically, I throw up words in a rush and post them immediately. I am posting this just to get something out so I don't literally throw up.

I am delaying the post for two reasons. Firstly, it isn’t a complete thought on a topic. It rambles a bit and is really just a preview of something I expect to discuss in greater detail later. Secondly, I am a bit nervous about discussing this subject here.

I am quite irreverent on this blog.

The topic at hand is a big one. I can’t imagine it being a controversial topic. There isn’t a sole alive that could be in support of it.

My fear is in being too serious here and offending some with the topic that will startle and since it is primarily women that read my blibbity blabberings, it may be offensive to raise such a topic and provide my thoughts on it.

The ugly side of a tradition we have all grown up with. A token that surely we all have spent time thinking about. Something some of us are probably quite in love with.

Let’s just broach it oh so carefully.

I am reading this book from Fianna’s Reading List.


sophie said...

I hope you choose to share the rest of the details. It is your blog. I've found that if I share something "too big," I don't get many comments. I think it is an interesting result of my having a fairly "fluffy" blog.

Sauntering Soul said...

I can't tell you how much my interest is piqued!

Kaytabug said...

Don't forget that any new developments need to be sent to me via email or phone prior to being published here.I know you know what I'm talking about.;)

I think they are highly overrated and they SNAG on lots of clothing and have been known to scratch kiddos.

Green said...

Wow, way to hook us in. Can't wait. BTW, I have a few very unpopular opinions. Here - I'll share one: I think we need more abortions. I'd rather the rate of abortion go up than the rate of having unwanted kids.

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