March 6, 2008

Stop Stealing the Influenza Ridden Covers!

Has anyone else witnessed this whole flu sickyness going around this year? I feel like the remaining Indians (Native Americans) are all laughing at us whiteys, chortling their milk, thinking how awesome the revenge is. Smallpox? Fuck your smallpox. Here is some flu, bitches.

I have somehow remained immune to date; however, Not Craig nearly died and several peeps at work are suffering the Fluenza. Peeps that never get sick. It is like we are in the end times. Obama is gonna be prez and we are all dying off.

Thank goodness the writing strike is over. At least we can die with some good TV to watch.

Did you know there is a separate shot for pneumonia? I did not know this and feel that it may be a conspiracy to kill whitey. Or not. It is just a theory.

See what happens when Fianna works too much, plays too little and is surrounded by sick people and work drama? Stupid rambling posts.

If people would stop talking to me, I would have a lot more time to blog at work. Sorry folks. I am trying here.

In the meantime, don't get sick on me. We have to have an uprising against this Bird Flu crap.

Who's with me?




Kaytabug said...

Speaking of Bueller...
You should sign up for FM, the host wants you to put down 5 movie quotes you use in daily life!! Too easy!!

As of last night my left side of my throat started hurting and that lymph node thingy feels swollen but only on the left side. WTF? We'll see how this progresses. Otherwise I'm with you.

Sauntering Soul said...

I am giving credit to Hot Brazilian for the fact that I have not caught the flu. He has me doing stuff each day which he swears will help my immune system. I normally catch EVERYTHING and the flu is going around like crazy in my office. The girl I share an office with has had it and the fact that I didn't catch it from her is nothing short of miraculous.

Kaytabug, I just read your comment saying what the FM theme is. Holy crap, I'm in trouble. That's not easy for me at all.

sophie said...

Yep, the pneumonia shot is a bitch--my arm was sore and swollen for days. My doc gave it to me because the same bacteria that cause the pneumonia cause sinus infections. It lasts 5 years, but I will have to be persuaded to take it again.

Congrats on not gettin the ill--it is definitely a bad year.

Southern Doll said...

Man, the flu was in our office big time about two weeks ago. We had three people out and two here, just suffering through it. My roomie had a nasty case of it too! It must be making its way West now.....

Miraculously, even though I am a diabetic and of already compromised immune system, I have not had the flu or a cold in YEARS. I think God know how crippling my fear of throw up is.

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