November 6, 2007

One of These Things Might Be Boring

After having Wal-Mart be the only place to shop in small-town New Mexico, and Wal-Mart being my own personal version of hell necessitating an hour long pep talk, sunglasses and a noise blocking Ipod, living in the downtown area of a big city where Wal-Mart couldn’t get their grubby hands on a plot of land large enough to house hot dogs, cat litter, guns, and quilting fabric under one roof, is quite pleasant. (Whew, what a run-on!) I haven’t stepped into a Wal-Mart in a couple of months and don’t even see them if I stay “in the loop”. Life is good, I can breathe deeper, and relax. My own personal Wal-Mart-less Zen.

However, I have an issue. (Or seventy.)

I have talked about my beloved car before for Fun Monday. I seriously adore this car. As the years and miles roll on, I am extremely concerned of the day that she passes on. Where she leaves me, alone and confused. And walking.

In her 184K life, I have gone through 3 boxes of hubcabs.

There. That is my dirty little secret.

Look, no judgment, Mr. Never Have Hit a Curb. I curb-check. Ok, I curb-check constantly. And those little boogers get knocked loose sometimes and just roll off into opposing traffic, into an empty field, into Hubcab Heaven.

Now, seriously, because a discussion about replacing hubcaps on a semi-regular basis is a very serious topic, I bought my fourth box of hubcaps last night.

It is bad when you know exactly where they are located within the eleventy billion aisles of the SuperCenter. And what color the box is. I was totally thrown off because this Wal-Mart, did not have “my” hubcaps. Orange box, gray streaks on the box. Black writing. My hubs. I had to settle for a slightly different style than the other 3 remaining hubcaps.

So now one of wheels is not like the others, one of my hubs does not belong. I am not changing all the other hubs, just so they belong.

Because in a few months, I will lose another. But I have 3 as backup in the trunk.

Preparedness. Not just for terrorism anymore.


Kaytabug said...

LOL you crack me up!

Sauntering Soul said...


I used to avoid Walmart like the plague. Then they built one within walking distance of my house and I can't seem to make it a month without going in there. For instance, if I'm having a dire emergency for a gallon of milk and it's pouring down rain I'll go there instead of the grocery store at the other end of the shopping center because I can park in the parking deck and not get wet (I never have an umbrella in my car). In my defense, this Walmart is the first "urban" store they ever built in a downtown area and the neighborhood I live in gave them some strict guidelines about the decor and what stuff they could carry.

Hot Brazilian LOVES Walmart for reasons I do not understand. He will come up with an excuse to go in the Walmart by my house everytime he comes over.

Fianna said...

SS: A parking deck!! Too awesome!! There is a grocery store in downtown Houston with a below ground parking garage. You take an elevator up and boom - you are in the deli!

That makes me smile and almost, almost want to visit that Wally World.

What is it with men and Wal-Mart? When Not Craig and I took the great Western tour this summer, each city - even freaking Las Vegas - was punctuated by a tour of the local Wal-Mart!

sophie said...

My husband and I have a tradition of visiting a certain Wally in Oklahoma every year when we go to visit, but otherwise, I avoid it like the plague. The only thing that gets me there is the fact that they carry the perfect sock for me to wear for work.

On another note, I have not ever in my driving life lost a hubcap. I have bumped into many a curb, but none have stolen my hubs. Not that I have said that, I am glad that I will not be driving my own car the next few days. Perhaps by the time I return to Houston the universe will forget that I mentioned it.

Robocop said...

Wally World is the only thing in our town. All of the decent grocery stores, and some Mom & Pop stores in the area closed down because they just could not compete.

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