November 29, 2007

All I Want For Christmas is...

Curious folk may ask themselves why I spent so much time this morning preparing a new template and customizing it and mastering HTML like a big dog, as opposed to simply writing a post. A post would be much simpler, less time consuming and cause 59% less eye strain.

However, I am a glutton for punishment. Changing templates sucks. However, I am thrilled that I have completed the change. I was wanting to get rid of purple, I am not a very purply person. I am much more white/black/blues. My outfit today? Black top, black jacket, grey pants, black shoes. Yesterday? White top, black pants, same black shoes. Tomorrow? Blue top, grey pants, same black shoes. Very monotone. Very simple. None of that trying to figure out an outfit mess for me. I do really well with matched sets. This sounds like it could be a Christmas list. Or not. (Email me for sizing, as necessary.)

So, point is, I could have written a post this morning. Lord knows I haven’t posted much this month. And the Good Lord also knows my life isn’t lacking substance. In fact, I could use a bit less substance. And more stability. And housing. Housing would be awesomest. And perhaps, a Dyson.

In fact, let’s revise that Christmas list, shall we?

  • A place to live that is in excess of 300 square feet.
  • A cappuccino maker that fits nicely on my kitchen counters in my new apartment that has enough space for me to do yoga if I ever decided I wanted to do yoga.
  • A closet. Or....two closets?
  • Neighbors that don't try to unlock my door because they can't read the numbers that are on the wall right next to the door.
  • Neighbors that don't burn their dinner every night, setting off the smoke detectors and stinking up the whole floor with their burned crap.
  • A landlord that is not so front desk like. Not so 18 and working at a hotel because mommy made your ass get out of bed today and so you gotta be rude to me.
  • And oh yea, a Dyson.

Thanks Santa, you rock. I will have cookies and soy milk laid out for you in my new place, if you could see fit to arrange a pre-Christmas day gift for me.


sophie said...

You can borrow my Dyson once you get all the other things figured out. However, I must warn you. Once you borrow it, you will NEED your own.

Good luck with the search for new digs.

Kaytabug said...

I feel like telling you that I miss you.

I also feel like wishing you good luck on finding a new place, I hope you find it soon, for fucks sake! ;)

Fianna said...

Sophie: Perhaps we will leave the Dyson donation to Santa. Those aren't cheap suckers. But then when is love cheap.

K: For fuck's sake (it should be apostrophed shouldn't it? Because it fuck is possessing sake? I think that is what our English teachers would say, for fuck's sake.) I am lost. So I will start over and use the saying for fuck's sake one more time. For fuck's sake, I hope I find a place soon. And for fuck's sake, I hope you come and visit. And for fuck's sake, I hope we don't get into a wreck this time. And for fuck's sake, I heart you.

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