November 16, 2007

How Can Monday Come Around Every Day?

Oy vey. I am beat. This has been the longest couple a weeks in a very long time. My last day off was October 28. Which happens to coincide with an amazingly stress-filled week of life changing, zip code amending, copious tear production, and the indescribable thrill of continued living in captivity with the feral cats I call my own. And then, I worked 19 days straight, on average working 10-12 hours each day. This all added up to an overwhelming exhaustion and a hefty paycheck. Thank you very much, Mr. Trial.

We actually received the verdict on Wednesday. However, I am still beaten down. Worn. Exhausted. I hope to catch up with my life 2 weeks from Tuesday. And perhaps in between now and then, buy contact solution and coffee creamer, find warm clothes either in Houston or at my home in The State Adjacent, identify a suitable living situation, and enjoy sweet potatoes and stuffing at some currently unknown locale.

But that can wait. May I tell you my new favoritest chocolate thing-y?

I don’t like chocolate very much. But I am weak and tired. And CVS had chocolate products for 2/$1.00. Now who can resist a deal like that when you are half-brain-dead, half-drunk and have full-on mercury poisoning from noxious amounts of happy hour sushi specials? This is tasty stuff, I swear.

As for getting back to normal, I promise to start posting on a not-so-regular basis with posts full of inane shit and updates on felines that wake me up by licking my face and peeing on the floor.

Calm down!! Really, you are just embarrassing yourself with all that begging.


Kaytabug said...

You're alive!!!
You can come be thankful at our house!!
I want more inane shit and updates!!
I have been jonesin'!

Sauntering Soul said...

I am so happy you survived! Georgia is a long way from Houston, but you'd be welcome to come be thankful here too. It's going to be crazy with Parental Divorce 2007 going on and having them together in the same house for Turkey Day. Maybe I'll come hang out in your hotel room with the cats and you can take my place here.

Jagular said...

Why don't you have Thanksgiving Texas-style over at Jagular's house? Try your hand at Tito's vodka and post to your blog in style on a super computer.

Fianna said...

Well, Aw shucks, ya'll! Thanks for the invites, I would love to accept all of them. How about we all get together in the hotel and see if a turkey can be cooked on a stove top! The hostess is giving away live gifts!!

I do have plans, no worries. They are just shifting between 2 different cities each time the cactus blows.

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