July 6, 2008

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th. I sure did. We live on the edge of downtown. Very close to city center, very close to where the fireworks are shot off. The nation’s largest firework display – in Houston. I figured if we could watch the fireworks from our place, it would be awesome.

You know what is so much more awesomer? Being invited to a new friend’s house that is blocks from the actual launch site of those fireworks where you are at a perfect eye level just above the tree line, you can feel each firework go off, they feel like they are exploding within just a couple feet from your face and you are drinking the best mojitos gay men can make. I heart living downtown.

We will be moving when the lease on this place is up. There have been weeks worth of discussions and internet searching for where we go next. Do we buy? Do we rent? Where? The ultimate consensus after all these talks is that we will continue living down here. No suburbia for our future.

With the move (in 5 months) in mind, my Type A personality has been freaking out about downsizing our crap stock. I closed shop on my Ebay store a month or so ago after dismal sales. I have pulled all my Ebay stuff together and plan on sorting and selling it in lots, most likely to other sellers.

I have gone through my closet pulling things to get rid. I have gone through the cabinets with the same intention. All in all, I have only 2 garbage bags full of stuff to get rid of outside of the Ebay piles.

This really surprises me. However, I have downsized considerably each time I have moved over the past 3 years. I am now at the point where there just isn’t much more to go. I have quit buying unnecessary knick-knacks and I get rid of clothes as I buy more. And if anyone dare chimes in that a Wii and a Roomba are unnecessary, you are off the Christmas card list. Well, you would be if I ever sent Christmas cards.

I am quite pleased with myself that my consumerism ways have been checked. My savings account reflects it and my closets reflect it. One more way, my Frugal McFrugalitis is working in my favor.

How did you spend your long weekend?


Sauntering Soul said...

I've just signed a 6 month lease and then when Hot Brazilian gets back from Brazil we're going to make a move of some sort. My place is way too small for the two of us. I told him I will start throwing stuff out while he's gone because honestly, if I don't, it will take me the next 6 months to pack up all of my crap to move it. It's kind of amazing how much stuff I've managed to squeeze into 700 square feet.

sophie said...

Downsizing is good. When I moved from Atlanta I had 12 years of too much house with too much room in which to collect crap. It was painful. I am a bit obsessive now with my, "Do we realy need this or can I give it to charity?"

Kaytabug said...

I was going to remind you that your downsized a HELL of A LOT when your moved from NM to Houston. Crazy girl, that's where it all went!!
Anything cool send my way. Feed my inner pack rat!

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