February 14, 2008

I Give You VD, Because I Love You

I work in an office. With a lot of chicks. Today being VD, there are flowers galore. When they are first delivered, we all oooohhhh-annnnddd—ahhhhhh. The girls figure out what lucky gal is receiving them and then pout because they still haven’t received their special bouquet.

And I gag.

My love has been banned from buying me anything today. Which, of course, is aided by the fact that he is a state away.

I hate VD. The forced love and affection. The forced gifting. The forced emotion.

If you love me, tell me, because OMG! IT! IS! THURSDAY! And I LOVE YOU!

If you are gonna give me a gift, give me a gift because OMG! IT IS SOMETHING YOU WILL LIKE! And I LOVE YOU!

Don’t do it because Hallmark makes you.

If you are a chick that wants VD celebrated. Fine. That is great. Make sure your man knows that you are a celebrator of VD.

Of course, you must celebrate 3/14 as well. (Here is another linky because the other one seems to be wonky.)

Tit for tat.


sophie said...

I totally agree. I work with primarily women as well, and not one boquet arrived. I was somewhat surprised. We had banana splits for lunch to celebrate.

I gave mine permission to purchase one flower only if he felt compelled. He seems to be a bit more of a romantic than I am....or maybe he's just waiting for S&BJ

Southern Doll said...

Well I can't look to see what "Steak and BJ is," because there is not enough bandwidth I'm told. But I will keep checking back....

Kaytabug said...

LMAO, Don't tell my hubby about 3/14 it is just one day before his birthday so no need to get showered with love 2 days in a row.


I LOVE YOU!! XOXOXO Happy heart day!

Sauntering Soul said...

I am in completely agreement with you. I am not a big fan of VD. Hot Brazilian was out of town. We called each other and said "Happy Valentine's Day". That was the extent of our celebrating.

Jagular said...

See, I already know what my wife would do. She would come in on the night of 3/13 and announce that she had just started her period.

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