October 22, 2007

Some Places...Summer Still Exists

Just a short flight away from Houston, is a beautiful island. Near that island, the sweetest, most beautiful nieces a girl can have, live. I took a super quick jaunt there this weekend. And played and wiped up tears, and spit-up, but not butts, because I am not that nice of a sister. I sniffed sweet baby scalp until I sneezed. And had the absolute delight of watching a baby fall into a deep sleep in my arms.

I ate the most wonderful ceviche at a little restaurant on South Padre, ceviche, topped with guacamole and of all things, honey mustard. So tasty!

I chatted with my sister like we actually care for each other. I admired her strength, her ability to love, her tenacity.

I carried an infant down an overgrown beach access point fearful of slipping or getting bit by a snake and got a few stickers stuck in my toes.

The next day, I carried a grumpy 2 year old around Sand Castle Days.

Due to aunt-ly duties, I was unable to get any more pictures of the castles.

My arms are sore, my legs are sore, I am utterly exhausted.

And I am head over heels in love with the sweetest, most beautiful nieces a girl can have.

This little one didn't want a picture, she wanted Tia Fianna to pick her up!!


Kaytabug said...

Ok so I'm a lil in tears ovah here! Glad you had a great time! Now come this a way!

Phil said...

I have finally gotten to the age where the idea of a baby falling asleep in my arms is very appealing. I used to sing my oldest son to sleep by putting him on my chest and singing "Goodby, Norma Jean".

Corny, but very satisfying.


sophie said...

What a beautiful weekend!

Sauntering Soul said...

I also draw the line at wiping dirty butts. Luckily my niece is now 10. That means I'm also past pretty much all of the other really gross stuff too.

Sounds like you had a lovely weekend! I spent mine plowing into a police barricade with my car. Good times.

Kerith Collins said...

very cool sand castles!!! i live in small town iowa and i think the high today might be 50....bbbbbbbbbbrrrrrrrr!

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