October 4, 2007

Business Call Girl

I am curious, the dating scene has their set schedule for returning calls. In the business world, is there a similar timeline? Do you make it a point to return a call within a certain time period? Do you get pissy if someone does not return your call within that defined respectable period?

I practice a 24 hour call back. If I haven’t called you back in 24 hours, I either accidentally deleted the voice mail or more likely, I am avoiding you. And if I don’t receive a return call in 24 hours, you bet your bottom dollar that I am calling back. It often seems that people are surprised that I call them a second time.

I hate to see stuff sit and if I have a pressing matter, I can be a hound dog.

What do ya’ll think is proper?

And is it alright to use ya’ll in business letters?

Hee! Just joking. I would never use ya’ll in a letter. Everyone knows it is spelled y’all in formal writings.


Ms. Porter said...

When I worked (before staying home full time to raise my girls) I always returned my calls the same business day or if it was absolutely impossible to do that (because they called late in the day and I wasn't able to form an appropriate response whatever, then the next morning or 24 hours....but hell yeah I would be following up if 24 hours passed without a response.

kenju said...

I make it a point to return calls ASAP, usually on the same day. If I call someone, and they don't return my call within 24 hours, I call them back!

(my daughter was a paralegal, and then she went to law school!)

Kaytabug said...

Like the new look call girl!
I could tell you my opinion but I am not a business woman so it doesn't matter! I really don't like ppl who do not return my calls.

Shephard said...

I think courtesy is courtesy. I agree with you. People should just freakin' call back. I give everyone slack, but if they're habitual, then I do believe hounding them is okay. Or since it's October, haunting them.

Michele sent me to say hello!

Deb said...

Oh Im the same way with email! Im like email me back NOW!

BS said...

At work, I return the call ASAP. At home, umm .. usually within 24 hrs unless it's this one person who I tend to avoid because her conversations are usually "all about her" and constant whining.

I finally posted about my book tonight - thanks so much - I plan to start reading it this weekend (it's been rather busy lately).

Mr. Althouse said...

I generally need calls back much sooner than 24 hours. News deadlines cant wait. I've never used ya'll in a news story, but I dont see why not.
Michele sent me.

Shari said...

Hello, Michele sent me.

I would think it's some kind of unwritten ethical rule that you call back.

In the business world, time is money and things have to keep going forward. So, yes, it's important to call back ASAP. If they don't call back, bug 'em.

Robocop said...

I usually return calls pronto in case something happens where I will not be able to return the courtesy.

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