April 21, 2008

Fun Monday - What Is It Worth?

Southern Doll has created a Fun Monday to make us all appreciate the beauty of life. Those moments that stick out, that make us smile, that we will never forget.

The times in my life that were worth doing, or that I will remember as I age, aren’t necessarily specific moments just yet. To me, it is a way of living, without regret, not holding back.

I give everything to those I love. It has caused me pain, caused me to have been taken advantage of, caused tears. However, those things don’t matter. There will always be something bad that comes out of good. The point is to just ignore that, and focus on the good side.

How about a few specifics...

1. I want to be remembered as the girl that shared her allowance, spending all of it on playing video games with her best friends. And later, as the friend that shared her paycheck to help out with a friend's rent.

2. I want my nieces to remember receiving gifts out of the blue from their Tia Fianna, just because.

3. I want Kaytabug’s boys to know that although they haven’t met me, that I love them.

4. I want my parents to be proud of the things I have accomplished and to know how much their never-ending support helped in those accomplishments.

5. I want to be remembered as the girl that may have broken hearts, but did so compassionately and never with malice.

6. I want to be remembered as the hardest working woman in legal. And the goofiest.

7. And the hardest working woman in everything else. And the goofiest.

8. I want the friends that have slipped through, that aren’t as close anymore, to always remember me fondly.

9. I want to find those old friends and make them close again.

How about you?


Kaytabug said...

Awww what a fantastic list! Need I remind you that all 3 of my boys have met you?!! Granted they were 7,2,and 1. For sure the oldest remembers you...and the middle guy might too, he was 2 and a half!! Are you planning on never seeing us again?? ;)

You are the best!!! xoxox

ChrisB said...

After reading this I have no doubt that you will be remembered with great fondness :)

Sauntering Soul said...

I'm with chrisb. I think you'll be remembered for a lot of wonderful things! Great list.

Heather said...

I love your attitude! There is such joy in being the goofy person, and feeling free enough to be that person! What you said about friends that are not so close really resonates with me. they are still special, even if they are not a daily part of our lives anymore, aren't they?

Jo Beaufoix said...

Your list is really beautiful. I'm sure your old friends do think of you fondly.

Sayre said...

People seriously underestimate the power of hardworking goofy people. I have a girl in my office who just lights the place up - and it's a real pleasure working with her. Your real name wouldn't be Suzanne, would it?

Alison said...

great list and wonderful things to be remembered by..

kitten said...

Wonderful! I agree with CB also!

Jagular said...

I think when I die, people will say about me, "He was a quiet type. Kept to himself mostly."

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