August 2, 2008

The Sweet In Between

It isn’t that I am at an in-between stage anymore. I am in a completely different stage.

The problem is, I haven’t quite figured myself out in this new stage or even exactly what stage I am in, or how to meet and make friends with others in this new stage, whatever it may be.

A stage beyond the last one. A stage where I have left a good friend of mine.

It sucks to notice the different settings we are in. To look back and wish her the best. But know that I am not there anymore and I don’t want to be. She does. This creates a rift.

It might be easier if I had more friends in this new stage. If I could just say, sorry, too busy, can’t do what you want to do.

Instead, I say naaahh, not interested. And stay at home. Because I haven’t quite figured out where I am and how to meet other people that aren’t sure where they are at either. So at least we could be at a spot unknown, together. So I won’t be alone in this in-between.


Kaytabug said...

:( I am sorry! This sucks! I know how you feel though! Too bad we don't live closer we could be in the sweet in between together. You are not alone, even though I am hundreds of miles away! I love you.

Sauntering Soul said...

I think I'm in the same "sweet in between" stage you are.

Robocop said...

Good friendships will come and find you. Be patient,and things will work out.

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