August 11, 2008

An Amazing Shade of Red

Facts About My Weekend:

We spent a fortune on booking and buying crap and preparing ourselves for Our Big Vacation. We are going to Jamaica, bitches.

Snorkel! Cannot wait to snorkel. Wonders if I must have flippers. I do have water shoes, for the corals and stuff. Anyone? I am not a lover of the flipper, the shoes, not the dolphin. Dolphins are ok, I guess. Except kinda dumb for swimming with Charlie the Tuna.

I ran another 3 miles without feeling quite like I was going to die. Just kinda sorta. Would have been much easier if I wasn’t wearing shorts that insisted on crawling up inside my body during the run.

In addition to snorkels, and clothing and water shoes purchased for the vacation in Jamaica, we joined a NEWER, BRIGHTER, PRETTIER, THINNER gym. Because if we go to a gym that has skinny, pretty people, maybe we will become skinny and pretty, by osmosis. To me, if it means that I can run the treacherous 3 miles indoors as opposed to outside the doors, I am happy. Even if I have to watch anorexics wander the gym. Although, I could eat them I am so hungry, so they better stay clear.

On this super fast track to looking awesome for Our Big Vacation which is happening in like minutes, we also went to a Tanning Salon.

Hi, my name is Fianna, I am a freaking redhead.

However, I am ever so grateful to have accepted the ribbing from Not Craig about wearing my tightie whities to the tanning salon. I am ever so grateful for the tightie whities. ‘Nuff said.

Today, I am pink. With shades of coral red! This is my first ever visit to a tanning salon. Between Mr. Abercrombie and Mr. Fitch at the front desk talking like retarded valley girls and the Pink Skin, an interesting experience. We are doing this under a free 2 week trial membership so at least I am not paying to burn. And yea, no lectures. I am the one that nicknames her friends, Mela-Noma. I am trying to prepare for spending long hours on the beach. In Jamaica. Bitches.

Let’s have a contest! How many minutes was I in the tanning bed in order to turn a wonderful shade of coral?

The winner will get a prize from Jamaica. But you must be prepared to be patient. When I say I am going in minutes, I mean more like weeks.

I may be an exaggerator. But this exaggerator? Is going to Jamaica!


Kaytabug said...

SO jealous of the trip to Jamaica man! hide me in your luggage please!
I say you were only in that bed for 10 minutes. But My vote shouldn't count cuz I'm still going to get something cool from there, RIGHT?!

Sauntering Soul said...

Yippee for trips to Jamaica!

I may be going somewhere full of sunshine soon and have debated going to a tanning bed before I leave.

If Kaytabug had not guessed 10 minutes that would have been my guess too. But if you are counting her entry, I'll go with a guess of 7 minutes.

Karmyn R said...

I may not be a redhead - but I am as pale as I know it only takes 6 minutes to get that pink color.

Molly said...

I pick 9 minutes. Have a wonderful time in Jamaica.

Jenni said...

15 minutes. Do I win the trip to Jamaica?

sophie said...

I pick 8 minutes, only bvecause 6 and 7 were already taken. And--I know you said no lectures, but you should just wear SPF 50. (ducking and running from thrown shoes)

Fianna said...

No one has guessed right... And for the record - now at a nice light rose color.

Keep those guesses coming!

Sauntering Soul said...

Am I allowed to guess again? 5 minutes?

simplypink said...

I'm so outta the loop on tanning beds. The last time I tanned I think I stayed in about 30 minutes. I'm sure by today's standards I would look like a rotisserie chicken after 30 mins. I have no idea but I'll just guess 12, since I don't think it's been done yet.

Anonymous said...

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