September 20, 2008

This is Definitely More Eisenhower than Turner.

Out of all this hurricane mess and complaining and bitchy, smelly people and just sadness, anger, and all sorts of negativity, there is good. Which is so important to remember. It is so easy to dwell on the bad things about this hurricane. It is so easy to do. It is harder to appreciate the good. Which is so true about life in general.

The other night, sitting around the radio for the evening Fireside Chat, the radio station changed it up. As things have improved, they have stopped taking calls of problems and complaints, but were asking what people were doing to pass the time without electricity.

The answers were heartwarming. People explained how they were telling their children and grandchildren stories, our history, about the World Wars, about 9/11, about how they met, about growing up.

They were playing Uno together. As a family. They were teaching their children Mother May I, Red Light Green Light, Simon Says. Kids were playing outside.

Couples that used to sit, not talking, vegging out to the television in the evenings, are rekindling their romance. Remembering what brought them together. Talking at length for the first time in a very long time.

One gentleman discussed how his family is spending the hurricane. He was reconnecting with his wife and daughter. Playing games, talking, getting to know them again. He was brought to tears as he explained how he was afraid for the lights to come back on. In fact, his family had decided to have "Hurricane Thursdays" where they flip the breaker and spend a night without power, to recreate the closeness they have just discovered.

I too would like to have power out days (Not any time soon as I really want power on days first). I would like days to appreciate the slowness, the stillness, the thoughts within. To appreciate why I am with Not Craig, why I am so madly in love with the man.

I want to remember to slow down. Consider the basics - Family, Friendship, Work, Daily Living, Spirituality. I don't want to take these things for granted when the power returns and I return to being addicted to the internet, Not Craig to his computer or Fox News. Not talking.

I don't want to take for granted these days without power and what I have learned.

I typically keep myself very busy. There is always something for me to do, to clean, to take care of.

Constant motion.

With the power off, I have slowed. I don't have the ability to do certain things I would typically do and I don't really have the desire to do those things that I could do. Instead, I sit in thought, I do simple things, read, play Yahtzee, listen to the radio, pet the cats.

Today, I have absolutely nothing to do. Hours stretch before me while I wonder how to fill them. While it is relaxing, refreshing, it is also stressful to my Type A personality. How do I do Nothing?

Shouldn't I be doing something?

Of course, I should be doing something. I should be appreciating what I have, enjoying my time with my loved ones, spending time in my favorite activities.

One more lesson from Ike.


ChrisB said...

Reading this post took me straight back to my childhood we spent many evenings like this sitting around an open fire (no central heating and light off to save power) listening to a battery wireless and sometimes playing cards by oil lamp. There was no emergency it was just the way we lived! said...

Isn't it wonderful to see the positive aspects Ike brought? I think I might've told you, but I was a little bummed I was in town for it. My memories of Alicia are like these you shared. Flickering candles while reading books, "baths" in the swimming pool, huddling in a campfire circle with my parents & brother, and ultimately, FUN! inside the Adam's Mark Hotel. I feel like I missed out on some of that.

Molly said...

This is a lovely post with a great title. Like Chris, I remember fondly childhood times of playing card games with the family and those fabulous childhood games of Red Light, Green Light.

Hopefully in tough times, we can always remember "to appreciate the good."

Robocop said...

There is a good side to everything. Your post proved this.

Sauntering Soul said...

This is a beautiful post Fianna. I'm glad you're able to see some positives in spite of what must be a little difficult to live through.

Kaytabug said...

I'm off the internet for the weekend and look what I miss!! What a fabulous post!! Makes me what to shut my power off... well just not my fridge,freezer,microwave and coffee pot!!

Hope you get your power back soon!!! XOXO

Kila said...

It's good to hear of the positive effects of Ike. Good lessons for us all.

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