January 4, 2009

The Dog Made Me Not Do It

I know I said I had a post today. This is Not it.

This is a complain-y post written right before I go to bed.

Raising a puppy is a pain in the rear.

He has been ever so trying this weekend.

We thought he was so very house-trained. Shocked in fact, the first couple days.

Lies. It was all lies. Deceit. Perpetrated by that evil tiny thing in order to make us believe he was good. When in fact, he is an evil pee-er.

May I take a break from this complaint to praise the homebuilder for putting tile on the bottom floor of our home.

Thank you. I heart the tile.

However, to return to the complaining, I cleaned up puppy pee 7 times yesterday. 7 spots.

Let me repeat.


Seven times in one day.

After a perfect first week, he is warming up to us, getting comfortable and letting loose.

Don't get me wrong, he is still really cute. And can be very sweet.

The constant training. A drain.

Beyond being on constant Pee Watch, we are not allowing him upstairs due to the cats, litterboxes, and wall to wall carpeting.

We don't have a baby gate there, and it is extremely hard to put one there due to the stair railing being open, and the cats knocking it over, so I am trying to teach him it is off limits.

He runs halfway up the stairs, to the landing halfway up the stairs. I chase after him, saying "No" in my stern voice, and "Down" I stomp on the stairs to make noise that will startle him.

After running up the stairs 74 times, he understands that he is not to be there. It is off limits. But he still wants to sniff cat butt, so he persists, hoping not to be caught. However, due to my newly attuned dog watching abilities (see 7 puddles in one day), I have seen him and have ran after him.

We have done this, I swear, at least 70 times this weekend. He has the idea, "I am not allowed up there," he gets that. Yet he can't stop himself from pursuing cat ass.

I understand the allure. Well, no. Not really, but whatevs, he is a dog. Albeit the purported smartest breed Ever. (Don't trust me, Wiki says so.)

I know, I know. He is a baby that requires lots of training. I have been to the library, I have books. I am working on it.

But oh my, I fully and totally get my reluctance to get a dog. Cats are soooo easy. They require zilch zero training. Their mothers teach them how to use the litter box. Then you May have to train them to stay off the table/counters, but that is it.

Dogs - you have to train every little detail. Their ability to destroy shoes, shirts, furniture, knick knacks, cats....you have to work with them every waking moment to ensure they aren't hellions.

Please bear with me. There are sure to be many many more posts of this nature.

Oh, and his name is Colt. Colt McTrouble Last Name Omitted to Protect the Innocent.


Kaytabug said...

He is just preparing you for what it will be like with a baby! Be thankful it's just pee and not poop. It was poop with Luke. And mostly runny poop.

I surprised he's not named pee. When you say Colt I think the football team. But isn't there a player on the longhorns that is named Colt? Awwww he could have been named Jay!!! Why didn't I think of it before now?!

Kaycie said...

Well, he's cuter than hell. Doesn't that make up for it? And as much as I love cats, no cat in the entire free world will greet you with the same over-the-top love at the end of the day. Or after you walk to the mailbox.

I say let him chase the cats. Our cats think it's a sport.

Sauntering Soul said...

Despite the fact that Colt is so incredibly cute, I think at this moment that I'm very happy to be allergic to dogs. I don't have any of this puppy training in my future.

Pamela said...

love how those dogs say "how do you doo doo!"

(glad you're raising a puppy and not me. No energy for that at all today)

Robocop said...

Been there,done that. Try two puppies.**LOL** Off topic,you are full of surprises. Let me know how the range trips are going.

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