December 3, 2008

Fred Thompson on the Economy


Kaytabug said...


hold me I'm scared!

Pamela said...

ditto Kaytabug.

he sure cuts to the chase, doesn't he.

Anonymous said...

The news about the economy is enough to drag you down:
• Housing prices are in free-fall
• Unemployment is skyrocketing
• The stock market is like a roller coaster
The government is doing what it can by injecting billions here and
billions there – so far to little effect.
You know what's really going to make a difference? People refusing to be victims. Seriously, one-by-one, as we commit to our highest dreams and ideals,
and take the required actions to achieve them, we can collectively
defeat any circumstance – including the worst economic conditions
in a century.
I truly believe this, and I’ve already started doing something about it. Last
year I found a program called Having it All: Achieving Your Life's
Goals and Dreams. It incorporates everything I've learned about the art
and science of goal achievement – something I've been obsessed with
for 25 years.
For instance, only recently did I come across something that is
mind-blowingly exciting: Scientists have discovered systems in our brains
that essentially govern our levels of achievement – much like a thermostat
sets the temperature in a room. Here's the thrilling part: When you know
how, you can recondition these systems, in just a few minutes per day!
The implications are huge for anyone who wants to achieve more in life.
For the first time in human history, we know how to remove the mental
obstacles to success, and actually reset what scientists call our
internal "expectancy points." This means that you can literally recalibrate
your subconscious mind, obliterate your old self-imposed limits, and
redefine what is possible in your life.
Having It All shows you exactly how to do this, step-by-step, so that you
can easily create the life you've always wanted. So here's the deal: For
a limited time, I am slashing $50 off the retail price.
Go to now to take advantage of this limited-time offer – just enter the coupon code “2008GIFT” at checkout.

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