July 12, 2007

My First Tag

Jagular popped my meme cherry. Don't tell Not Craig! This has been more stressful than it should be since I don't have many readers (everyone reading this is tagged btw), and 25% of that readership has known me since I was in diapers. I don't wanna tell 8 things about myself that she is aware of. But since I have that illness where I spill everything about myself, she already knows it all. I hope I have come up with a few new things....

1. I am obsessive-compulsive with food. My current obsession is sunflower seeds. I ate 3 bags in Austin. I bought a huge bag from Wal-Mart just 2 days ago. I am declining to show you the remnants. I did, however, consider keeping the shells just to see how large a pile they would make. But I am a clean freak and kinda got grossed out by that as well. And the portabella thing I started in Austin isn't over. Had one tonight for dinner....

2. I compare myself with my sister way too much. I am competitive. She is the most obvious person for me to try and beat, I know her well.

3. I have not gone outside without my toes painted in at least 4 years. I remove polish and repaint the same day.

4. My biggest fear, besides disappointing those that love me, is that I will get Alzheimers.

5. I still have Morris the Cat. My fave childhood toy. And the green and white elephant that plays, "frere jacque, frere jacque". I believe I will go forth calling him, "Philippe".

6. One thumb is considerably smaller than the other. And does not resemble a thumb at all. It is named "Pinky Thumb".

7. Fake cherry flavor makes me puke. Seriously.

8. I love Dance Dance Revolution. Although my Great White Arse has been quite lazy recently.

Now, Kaytabug, you're up. Bevvy? Game? Jag? You have already done it 3x, so you get a hall pass. I know there are a couple, ok, I won't lie, one, other frequent lurker. I would love for you to join in!!

Whew. Next time, K is gonna just know all the facts, this made my brain hurt.


Sauntering Soul said...

Oh gosh. I feel like I've disclosed everything about myself on my blog, but I'll try to work on this tomorrow or over the weekend.

Congrats on getting tagged!! I love being tagged for stuff so anytime you want to tag me, feel free!

Kaytabug said...

Oh you little bitch! Did we not just have the conversation that I hate these things?

I still love you!
Didnt know #1,#3 though it didn't surprise me,didn't know about the alzheimers in #4,and #8. You did come up with a few new things!

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